Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feeling The Holiday Spirit !!

If your dog was hurting could he/she tell you? 
If your dog was hungry, could he /she tell you?

This cause brings a voice to your pet, of both joy and sadness. When someone looses their job the entire family is affected. If you can't provide food or health care for your family, remember that includes your pet! This nonprofit organization helps prevent dogs from being surrendered to shelters. Fairy Dog Parents  provide food medical care and overall wellness for animals in need. These kind of services are needed all over the United States. To know that one woman's dream is coming true in Massachusetts is quite remarkable.
  •  Canned Dog Food
  •  Dry Dog Food (unopened bags only)
  •  Specific Food Requests: Taste of the Wild Dry Dog food (any flavor)
  •  Purina One Chicken
  •  Postage Stamps
  •  Lexmark Brand # 44 and #43 printer cartridges
  •  Used printer cartridges for recycle/credit
  •  Fundraising Ideas
  •  Gift Cards to Office Max or Staples
  •  Printing
  •  Copy Paper

If you are feeling that you need to surrendering your pet because of personal financial circumstances, please research out to find an organization. Some people only have their pet as family. If you can give the gift of giving,this organization is well worth your gift! 

Please take the time to view their website fairy dog parents 
Here is a wish list if you can help with any donations.
Happy Holidays !!I
I will be posting again on Jan. 2, 2012

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