Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dog Who Suffer With Seizures

(Baby)  Photo By Jeashoots
If you had ever had a dog who suffers from seizuresyou will take great comfort in this article. I lost my schnauzer (Baby) who died last year, after a seizures at the age of ten. I had him on two different types of medications. The medication controlled the frequency of the seizures however, it made him restless. I would fine him walking around in circles not being able to settle down. I know as a pet owners, we want the best for our pet. In this article I am sharing someones else's success story. I hope this article helps reach a healthier longer life for your dog.. I know that this will not be the case for every dog, for they're all different. I wish I had read this artcle before. Baby this post is for you, may God hold you in his arms....Thank you, Sandra DeMers for your story.

It is definitely worth reading! ..  
Dog Food & Seizures


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