Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hiking with PET & making it work ! Even Your CAT !!

image by jeashoots

While traveling across the United States, we found that having a good pet carrier is a must. You ask, what were our needs? Hiking for several hours in Arches National Park in Utah.... with our CAT !  She is an awesome cat, and for being 14 yrs. old she is a trooper!  Having the perfect carrier at that time, made all the difference. Do you have any favorite Pet Carriers ? Here's a website, I'd recommend to purchase a carrier from. Just go to Wayfair.  The new ones are much more sophisticated!


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  2. cute idea. the cat looks fake though hehe

  3. What a beautiful cat!! I'm wondering how your cat travels so well in a car? I have a cat but she doesn't like going for car rides.

  4. Jen Of MadeByGirl:

    As real as they come!! But, yes she kinda does;0)

  5. Melissa:
    This cat loves car rides, hiking and traveling. She has traveled to Alaska though the Alcan hwy. 4 times !! She just hangs out, looking out the window like a dog. It's so great ! I will post more photo's with stories of our travels. She should have her own TRAVEL story book.


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